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"It takes a community to raise a child ..."

I am a happily married man with 3 great children who have been my biggest teachers and challenges. I have worked In youth-related work for the past 12years and from youth worker to Senior Manager in a SEN school. All have given me a passion for young people and those who are in contact with them. For the past couple of years, I have been studying to become an Educational Transactional Analysts. Transactional Analysis ( TA) in my opinion it is a study of how people interact and the layers of information behind them, Its core principles are OKAYness and Autonomy. For me, TA gave a language which I had longed to have to express where I am at any given time and where others could be. I draw upon TA extensively in all my work as well as my life experiences.
The 3 main areas I focus on currently is;
  • Training
I seek to explore with educators, organisations, and parents TA ideas and how these may have implications towards child development, behaviour management, team dynamics, Teaching and learning and personal growth
  • Consulting
I work with schools/organisations to explore and implement new behaviour management strategies which are more nurture based and give children ' what they need not only what they deserve ' ( you will hear me say this phrase a lot :) )
  • Mentoring
I create mentorship programs for children using core TA principles. I particularly want to work with children who are deemed as ' challenging' 


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